“My Friends Know”

I found my purpose in life is to serve God
He knows who I am now and has forgotten how I was

In this life we meet people- some are mean and others kind
I am glad to have met all those that are now friends of mine

To try to list them all here, will not be too smart
My friends are confident and know they are in my heart

The states, cities and countries may be many in contrast to those who are true
If you really get to know me, then you will know when I love you

As I get older I try to learn something new with each passing day
I try hard not to let those negative things get in my way

Someone who I once cared deeply for had tried to dirty my name
Although they did not do right by me, they felt that I should remain the same

My friends stuck by me and allowed me to have my own fall
They knew that I was Gods child and He would make the last call

So now I stand before you with this testimony as I witness
It is best to obey God in everything and I really hope you get this

My daughter said to me “Mom do not return evil for evil because you are blessed”
I knew that she was right as God is God and not one to second guess

I remember the people who He had allowed me to meet in this life
My experiences allowed me to grow whether they were happy or filled with strife

Negative people were removed and the ones who were allowed to stay in
Are those that are in my life still and the ones who I call friend

Copyright© 2006, by Arene

It was December 13, 1999. I was on my way to work, which was a 50 mile one
way commute. Usually there are four people in the carpool; however, this
morning only two because one carpool
partner had to return a rental car and
the other one road with her in order for her to drive in the carpool lane.
Earlier that morning there was a spiritual battle going on in each household.
Someone in each household represented was praying at approximately the
same time. (Divine intervention).

As my carpool partner and I took off in my car, I had the Winans “Tomorrow” Cd
playing as usual when it was my turn to drive. I told my partner to recline and
relax: she replied she was fine because she had gotten plenty of sleep.
No more than a minute later, I heard a clicking noise and before I could get out
the words "what was………." the car took a hard pull to the left. The next day or
so I woke up in the ICU (intensive care unit) angry and in the most excruciating
pain imaginable to mankind. I was angry because I felt so much peace in the
nothingness where I did not exist. I felt like I was being born into a cold-cruel
world without a choice-and this was painful to my soul. I was told that I had
been knocked out on impact; we were hit several times by a truck, pushed off
the freeway backwards, down into an embankment and was stopped by a tree
stump that prevented the car from going into the water. Blood dripped from my
nose as the carpool partner thought I was dead. My daughter got to see this on
the news as one fatality accident and she thought that the car in the accident
looked like her moms car! Guess who the fatality was? Me!

My injuries were a concussion, contusion, and brachial plexus injury (temporary
nerve damage), left clavicle fracture (collar bone), multiple bilateral rib fractures,
a left hemopneumothorax( punctured lung with blood), right wrist fracture, and
a left pubic ramus fracture (hip fracture).

This is one example how God intervened in my life- as reported to me, all I would
say in the emergency room was: I smelled an angel. Of course they must have
thought because of the head injury, I was out of my mind. To be honest, I was
amnesiac for a bit because as I was given my mini mental exam, it dawned on
me who the president of the U.S. was and I made a joke about it being Hillary
instead of Bill Clinton. There was a bit of a delay because I actually did not
remember. Funny how we can take for granted the process of thinking.

Funny thing is that I smelled an angel right before impact! God did not say O.K.
for my life to end that day! I told someone once that I can praise God for things
that others may take for granted like: walking, talking, thinking, breathing,
seeing, eating, going to the rest room by myself and knowing when I have to go.
This same person, said that they once placed an entire paycheck in the offering
plate. God requires only 10%, I wonder if that person gives that now! Obedience
is better than sacrifice! It is better to be blessed with 90% than steal 10% from
such a loving God!
When my book sells-I will still be obedient!

P.S. My four month in house rehabilitation was only one week. God is in control!
About Praises!
Psalms 30:9
Not by accident-So I Live to Tell the Story-
Hallelujah- Glory/Glory!

In the year 1999, on the thirteenth day of December
A terrible thing happened to me: one that I will always remember

I was attacked violently by Satan in a terrible accident
Because I was always praying, I knew this was no coincident

The day before the accident, I made peace with all of those I loved
Perhaps following a direction of the Holy Spirit from God in Heaven above

I had thought to myself, tomorrow I will clean off my work desk
Tonight- I will go to bed early and get plenty of rest

I went to sleep in peace after praying as I usually did
I left nothing uncovered –there was nothing that was hid

I was awakened by my spouse as he seemed to struggle in his sleep
I shook him to stop his nightmare, but he still shook and kicked his feet

Finally, he was awake and I asked him what was wrong
He said that Satan was after me and would not leave me alone

So he stood in front of me to battle Satan for himself
When he found that Satan was too big for him he knew he needed help

He said he rebuked Satan in Jesus’ name over and over again
As Satan began to shrink down past his knees, he thought-“This I think I’ll win”

Never challenge Satan to fight you, he does that any way
Your life will be a living hell especially if you do not pray

I know I suffered much more than I ever thought even since that dreadful accident
What it all has done is increase my faith in the Lord and gave me more confidence

Believers should have faith in the Lord like Job and Christ did every day
And know that if any thing is allowed to happen to you, God said it was O.K.

I write it, I tell it, I fax it, I e-mail it, because this is my praise story
This is one thing God got me through and He did it for His Glory

I live to tell the story-hallelujah-glory-glory!

Copyright© 2006, by Arene
More to the Story Hallelujah- Hallelujah, Glory-Glory!

Almost seven years ago Satan was allowed to afflict my mind, body and my spirit
God only allowed him within certain parameters, but my soul he could not steal it

Sometimes I wonder what the Lord sees in me that I will remain faithful and strong
I often wish, hope and pray that Satan would just leave me alone

I know that it is not wise to question the Lord in what He allows to happen to us
Therefore, fasting and praying and surrounding yourself with Christian friends is a must

It amazes me that when I look back on my car accident in 1999
How before this, I thought my life was perfect as everything seemed to be fine

Recall how my spouse thought that he was protecting me from Satan?
Here is where you have to do some heaven-grounded critical thinking not of man

Remember that night how I was the one sleeping in perfect peace?
God is with me always and He protects me while I am awake as well as when I sleep

Listen to me closely as this web of interpretation I will untangle
Let us look at this picture that was painted from a different angle

Perhaps, I was the one pleading for his soul to God instead of him for mine
God knows the heart of a man - things done in front of the door as well as those behind

He thought his rebuking Satan was working, but there was something he could not see
I was behind him pleading for his soul as Jesus Christ talked directly to me

Perhaps if he saw a miracle that could only be done by the Lord
He would have something to fall back on to keep the family on one accord

Or maybe a tragic thing could happen and there be no visual sign that it had occurred
Surely that would make him obedient and follow only Gods word

I can only speak for myself and how God continues to intervene in my life
When I am headed in the wrong direction and others attempt to bring me strife

The Holy Spirit comes along and pulls me back to the true word of the Most High God
I am not prideful of my accomplishments nor am I ashamed of a union that appeared to be a façade

Always look to the Lord for the bigger picture than the one that is presented
That way you do not have to do things you should not do and later on resent it

As long as I live I will praise Him and give this testimony as I tell my accident story
God gave permission for Satan to do what he did to me and He did it for His Glory

Hallelujah-hallelujah glory-glory!

Copyright© 2006, by Arene
"God Said O.K."

When you belong to God, he weighs everything before he allows it to come your way
Think of what Satan was allowed to do to Job on any God given permission day

From boils- to friends criticism- to the loss of each child’s life
His home destroyed and no support from even his wife

It is easy for us to observe and say that Job was a strong man
His faith was strengthened because he followed Gods plan

I bet Job was the priest of his home and set a good example
He gave a good tithe and offering and his blessings were ample

When Satan has tempted you and you do happen to fall
Remember that your bill has been tallied and Jesus paid it all

All you have to do is repent of your sins and call on His name
Change your life style and do not do things the same

Study the word to show yourself approved
In doing this, your testimony shall not be moved

Consider the servant Job and do as he did
The righteousness of Christ can keep your sins hid

Remember this saying when you are going through
Your seemingly bad experiences, God allowed to get through

When you belong to God, he weighs everything before he allows it to come your way
Think of what Satan was allowed to do to Job on any God given permission day

Remember before he was allowed to do it-God said “O.K.”

Copyright© 2006, by Arene
It took some time for me to
understand how David
could do the things he did
and still be considered an
anointed man after Gods
own heart. I pondered this
since I was a child and I got
the answer as I continued
to live- As the old folk say:
Keep living!
I am able to now look in the
mirror and see the me
which confirms the mercy
of my God.
Grace is so amazing!
No weapon formed against me shall prosper

Ecclesiastes 7:8-10
8 Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is
better than the proud in spirit.
9 Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry:
for anger resteth in the bosom of fools.
10 Say not thou, What is the cause that the former days were better than these? for
thou dost not enquire wisely concerning this.
As my daughter celebrated her birthday, I watched a group of people from different walks of life;
inclusive of ages, genders, responsibilities, disabilities, and religious affiliations, and nationalities. I
studied them for a moment. They conversed as if they had known each other for as long as I had
known them. I then realized that there was one thing they had in common if nothing else was the
love of God and “My Friendship”.
(I suppose that makes it two things)

“My Friendship”

My friendship is seen in the company that I keep
These friends of mine, our love for each other runs deep

When I need a shoulder to cry on, they say “Use both of mine”
When the world attacks them and seems mean, I am always extra kind

When I am feeling low and I need the words of wisdom from the Lord
My friends are right there with me and we pray and are on one accord

We have shared good times, bad times, laughter and tears
We have shared, deaths, births, victories and fears

If the company that I keep with them seems more like a kinship
It’s like that with me and them because that is how I see our friendship

Copyright© 2006, by Arene
Proverbs 16:7
When a mans  ways please the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace
with him.
A picture of my mother
and father about 38
years ago and 15 kids!
I happened to be the last
My mom dies in 1981
and my dad died in 1999.
"When A Mans Ways Please the Lord"

When a mans ways please the Lord,

He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him
This is no double saying like a capricious whim

When a mans ways please the Lord,

He heads his household under Gods direction
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, he must keep that connection

When a mans ways please the Lord,

His faith is seen in the actions of what he does for others
He puts God first, and as he does himself, he loves his sisters and brothers

When a mans ways please the Lord,

He realizes that Christ died for all his sins
And if it was but for one to be saved, God would do it all again

When a mans ways please the Lord,

He blesses his enemies as well as all those he knows
He has wisdom about him and his heart glows

When a mans ways please the Lord,

He is a man after Gods own heart
He allows God to direct his path before his walk ever starts

When a mans ways please the Lord,

The love he receives is never forced or demanded
He gets it freely because of his example, it is commanded

When a mans ways please the Lord

"Loving him is so easy!"

Copyright© 2006, by Arene
"Love Is"

Love is kindness from the heart without contemplation
Love is ensuring others are comfortable without malice or reservation

Love is expressing how one feels in the actions of what is done
Love is keeping your heart under lock and key after entry is made by the one

Love is not puffed up in arrogant behavior as if there is since of entitlement
Love is patience and never in a rush but it cherishes every moment spent

Love is God as seen in the life of Jesus Christ

Copyright© 2006, by Arene
Revelation 3:17-21

You say, 'I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.'
But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and
I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can
become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful
nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see.
Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest, and repent.
Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice
and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.
To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne,
just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne.
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Now, You See Why When Anything Is Allowed to Happen to You, God Has to Say O.K
I would not be who I am today if I had not gone through what I did yesterday-I am here-God allowed it ;therefore, it was o.k.

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Those who are faithful,
please keep me in your prayers
Thank you,
One day while at work, I was pretty frustrated. My co-worker
who is an absolute angel saw this and immediately asked me
how was it going! Without thinking, I replied "when it rains- I
am going to put up my umbrella! She smiled and continued
on the path that she was going.
In a moment, I was able to stop the response that is typical of
accepting a bad day "when it rains, it pours " almost slipped
out of my mouth.
It so important to not forsake the fellowshipping with each
Below is what came out of that moment!
Blessings from
“Happy Birthday/Goodbye”

Dorthy, Gracie, Bert, Bobbie, and Livie
Five of my nine sisters celebrated me turning 40

This was an occasion they may not have wanted to witness
After all this 40 year old happens to be the baby sis

I grew up in a large family with so much love shared
We may have been poor growing up but nobody cared

My sister Stine was strong, dedicated, and birthed eight babies
I looked up to her and saw her as a real Christian lady

She passed her tradition of love on to my nephews and nieces
When she died the family stuck by each other instead of going to pieces

When Gracie died a few months after Stine it shocked us all
We had to keep our faith though and know that it was Gods call

She was so intelligent and always giving of herself to help others
At least in her last years of life she found great joy as a grandmother

My 47 year old brother Raymond died the following year
Dropping like flies we thought who is next was our fear

This was a heavy burden and our souls did sink
He has two beautiful daughters and of them we must think

If things were to go according to plan
I have one of the largest burdens that can be put on a man

My parents are dead and I have one brother and seven sisters left
I would see them all buried and celebrate my last birthday by myself

God is a good God and things do not always happen as they should
Thank goodness He is who He is and what ever He chooses is for good

I have learned to accept His will and not to ask why
And celebrate each birthday as a gift from God because it could be
Happy birthday/goodbye

Copyright 2006, by Arene
Stine (the oldest of all of
us) fourth from the left
died in 2003, Gracie (the
fifth oldest) farthest to the
right died within three
months after Stine and the
youngest brother Raymond
died the next year in 2004.
The youngest brother
Raymond and myself are
not on this picture.
Charlotte,          Josephine, Bertha,       Ernestine,     Marcella, Dorthy, Olivia, Richard,   Bobbie,           Gracie
                Arene            Lonni                Pam                   Aarona               Dorreen
Close to
20 years
My oldest brother Amos Jr. aka
Man, died around 1965 when he
was about 22. I remember the big
peppermint sticks he would give
us. I also remember my sister
Sylvie aka Josephine holding me
on her hip at his funeral and I
thought she was trying to put me
in the coffin with him when she
was only viewing his body. I clung
to her for life.
I really wanted to be with my mom
who must have been in a lot of
I cannot find a picture of my sister
Levada who was actually the
second oldest. She is responsible
for my nightmares as a child as
she would tell ghost stories that
made your flesh crawl.
My mother would often tell her to
stop scaring the kid with those
Levada and family lived next door
to us until she died in about 1970
when I was about seven years old.
She died the same day my dad
stomped at the snake and walked
me back to the fair see
"Appreciated"on the feedback
Just sharing,
                   Amos Jr. aka  Man
I would rather be a step behind God-
keeping with his plan than go before Him
and hoping later that he will fix mine.

Copyright©2009, by Arene